Distribution and Retail

Regardless of the products distributed, an implementation of Dyanamics 365 Business Central can bring many advantages, including making you competitive in a market with many challenges every day.

Do you want to use Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central in a Retail store or in a chain of stores? Using the Support Soft retail module, you can easily use “All in One” terminals, with or without touch screen, integrated with cash registers or tax printers.

Price Module

In addition to the standard possibility of defining prices per customer/price groups/all customers/campaigns, we also have a custom price import mode that automatically closes the old ones.


With the mobile/tablet application, information such as sales, profit, amounts due, etc. can be accessed in real time on mobile devices.


Together we can define reports that show you the data in real time in this BI tool.

Cash register integration

You scan the products in Dynamics NAV/BC, and the tax receipt appears on the cash register.

Use barcodes

The Support Soft retail module makes it possible to print labels with barcodes either on A4 format, self-adhesive, or on the thermal printer with also self-adhesive labels.

Separate locations

With the help of the Navision system or Dynamics 365 Business Central and our consultants, we can define in the system managements dedicated to retail sales and the transfer of stocks between them to be carried out automatically or automatically planned.

ANAF/EU query

Once integrated with the ANAF website, for the correct definition of a partner in the system, only its CUI is required.

Discounts mode

The discounts can be applied both at the line level and at the document level, and with the help of our consultants, you will be able to correctly integrate them with the policy and the pricing module.

Courier Integration Module

With the help of Support Soft, you will be able to issue and print AWBs directly from the Dynamics NAV/BC ERP system, connected to the couriers’ platforms.

EDI module

Once the contract with the large chains of Retail Stores has been initialed, you will manage the relationship with them using the EDI Support Soft module from Navision/Dynamics 365 Business Central.

B2B/B2C platform integration mode

Do you want to view prices and stocks in customer accounts on the website?

Do you want to take orders from the website directly in Dynamics 365 BC?

Do you need the confirmation of orders from Navision in real time on the website, with the automatic reservation of products from stock?

Do you want all your clients to download their invoices or other documents from Navision, in PDF format, by accessing the website?

You can use all this by implementing the Support Soft Connector for your platforms.

Case studies