The team members’ experience of over 15 years with the Manufacturing module in Dynamics 365 Business Central is at your disposal for the most successful implementations in this field.

The cost of the raw material

Regardless of the cost method used to download management, whether we are talking about FIFO or Average Cost or another method, the cost of raw materials or semi-finished products can be carefully analyzed in the component of the cost of the finished product, using the solution provided by Support Soft which is based on the module of production Dynamics 365 BC.

Centralization of deliveries

The mode of loading vans/trucks with the production to be delivered to one or more customers on the same route.


With the mobile/tablet application, information such as sales, profit, amounts due, etc. can be accessed in real time on mobile devices.

Production in course

The recording of the production in progress with the possibility of distributing the indirect costs according to their weight in the realization of the finished product.

Production planning

Load planning on the production lines and on each individual machine using the parameterization, execution, etc. times from the Dynamics NAV/BC production module.


During the production process, certain activities can be subcontracted, which is easy to manage and parameterize in Dynamics 365 Business Central implemented with our help.


Together we can define reports that show you the data in real time in this BI tool.

Case studies